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Palm Forums:

SFPS Facebook Page Includes notices of meetings, plant sales, outings and other events of the SFPS.


Excellent forum. SFPS will post notices of palm and cycad sales here

SFPS Forum: Part of the Palmpedia website.

Articles on Palms

Note: Larry Noblick, a palm biologist with the Montgomery Botanical Center, has provided us with some of the articles which were published in the official publication of the IPS.

Noblick, L., Identifying Coccothrinax ,The Palm Journal, Fall 2012.

Noblick, L. Syagrus, An Overview , The Palm Journal, Fall 2013.

Other articles available at the International Palm Society Website,

Individual purchase or membership may be required to access articles.

Goldstein, L. , How to germinate the tough ones

Migliaccio, C., Germinating Gastrococos- Quick and Easy, The Palms Journal 2002, posted on

Marcus, J., and Banks, K., A Practical Guide to Germinating Palm Seeds, Palms, April 1999.

Cross-Reference between Common and Botanical Names

Goldstein, L., The Palms of Madagascar- Conclusion

(Part of the Fall 2015 Show and Sale Booklet)

Web Links:

Fairchild Tropical Botantical Garden

World reknown collection of palms and cycads.


Excellent resource for information on palms.

Montgomery Botanical Center

Advancing research, conservation, and education through scientific plant collections.

International Palm Society

A source of information on every aspect of growing palms


The Electronic Data Information Source of UF/IFAS Extension

Palm Societies:


The Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia - includes extensive database and images of palms in cultivation.

Palm Beach County Palm and Cycad Society

Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society

Palm Society of Southern California

Palm Society of Northern California

The European Palm Society