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Please find below general information on palms and palm societies. Included below are linka to help our visitors find or identify palms and a very useful discussion forums, hosted by the Internatioal Palm Society (IPS), and botanical gardens in Florida (including the Kampong, Fairchild and Montgomery Botanical Garden).

For our visitors seeking information on germinating, growing and caring for palms focusing on South Florida, and including some excellent advice from our members, please click on the link below:




Palm Search and Identification Sites: - a commercial search engine for plants, products and services - a commercial search engine for plants, products and services

Let all the palm geeks help you ID your strange looking palm. Looking to buy a Sabinaria magnifica (a very new and rare palm) or just how keep it alive? Excellent forum for palm sales and horticultural discussions.

Cross-Reference between Common and Botanical Names

Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

This website (, as developed by the Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), Division of Plant Industry in conjunction with UF/IFAS and the USDA, contains many fact sheets on common plant pests and diseases in Florida and information on the best means of control. A very valuable site for many plant problems for South Florida.

Excellent resource for information on palms:


The PASCOA website has an incredible list of information on palms.


Very basic information on describing a palm:

Wikihow - How to identify palm trees

Discussion on particular palms can be found at, a forum provided by the International Palm Society:


Palm Forums:

SFPS Facebook Page Includes notices of meetings, plant sales, outings and other events of the SFPS.


Excellent forum. SFPS will post notices of palm sales here

SFPS Forum: Part of the Palmpedia website.


Selected Articles on Palms

Note: Larry Noblick, a palm biologist with the Montgomery Botanical Center, has provided us with some of the articles which were published in the official publication of the IPS.

Noblick, L., Identifying Coccothrinax ,The Palm Journal, Fall 2012.

Noblick, L. Syagrus, An Overview , The Palm Journal, Fall 2013.

Other articles available at the International Palm Society Website,

Individual purchase or membership may be required to access articles.

Goldstein, L., The Palms of Madagascar- Conclusion

(Part of the Fall 2015 Show and Sale Booklet)

Botantical Garden Websites:

Fairchild Tropical Botantical Garden

World reknown collection of palms and cycads.

Montgomery Botanical Center

Advancing research, conservation, and education through scientific plant collections. Not open to the public except for special events.

There are many botanical gardens worth visiting, including The Kampong in Coconut Grove, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Flamingo Garden in Davie, Naples Botanical Garden and Pinecrest Gardens.

I thought this was a very good list of outstanding public gardens in Florida:

The 15 Best Botanical Gardens in Florida

Great except for missing Miami Beach and Pinecrest Gardens. Pinecrest normally has a farmer's market open on Sunday until around 2:00 pm.

Palm Societies:

A source of information on every aspect of growing palms:

International Palm Society

The Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia - includes extensive database and images of palms in cultivation.


Other societies include:

Palm Beach County Palm and Cycad Society

Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society

Palm Society of Southern California

Palm Society of Northern California

The European Palm Society

Historical Link:

International Cooperation and Interest in Palms Spans Half a Century! (Contribution from Jorge Zaldivar).