2018 Fall Garden Tour

M-DC, North Campus Palmetum



On November 3, 2018, Professor Steve Ritter lead our fall garden tour of the Miami-Dade College, North Campus Palmetum.

Several aspects of the collection make it remarkable. First, the substrate is sand, in stark contrast to the limestone that most SFPS members have to deal with in their yards in the southern half of the county. Second, the palms get tough love: They are neither mulched nor fertilized, and they haven't been irrigated in a year! Yet most are thriving. One in particular, pictured above, caught the attention of visitors: A remarkably green Livistona with a crown of dozens of fronds. M-DC's palm collection provides convincing proof that not every species requires white-glove treatment to excel in the climatic and soil conditions of southern Florida.


Livistona palm - growing amazingly well with a minimum of care.



The Pseudophoenix vinifera (wine palm) was stunning.

The Attalea (American oil) palm


Professor Ritter explaining the organization of the Palmetum.

The Arenga palms all looked great.