2019 Fall Garden Tour,

Part 2: Walton House


Our next stop was the Walton House, where Frank Blanco presented the historical house and gardens.

It is described on their website as "a lush tropical setting surrounded by a multitude of rare and exotic flora. Situated within a 5 acre tropical botanical garden, Walton House boasts of a coral rock swimming pool with cascading waterfall, a large lagoon with beautiful white swans and Japanese Koi, and a sunken pond with a flowing waterfall. Adding to the tropical ambiance is a large collection of macaws, parrots, flamingos, waterfowl, cranes, giant tortoises, and monkeys.

The group had a nice lunch while observing lemurs in a cage next to us. Then Frank Blanco lead us through the gardens.

The garden has a wonderful combination of native and Florida friendly palms.

Our group, which hitherto, was dedicated only to palms, took a sudden interest in the giant turtles, flamingos, macaws and parrots hidden behind the ferns, palms trees and crotons. The lemurs know how to pose for photos.


Natural coral swimming pool fit right in.

Petticoat palm (Copernicia macroglossa) with her skirt still intact.

Sealing wax palms were still in container, getting plenty of water.

Clerodendrum paniculatum is a great bee and butterfly attractor, and flowers year round.

And an interesting sign, reminding us that while our surroundings are preserved as a tropical forest, we are still in the the confines of litigious Miami-Dade county.

It was a great outing, and we all are grateful to the Board of Directors, in particular Julio Alvarez, for selecting these locations and organizing this tour. Thanks to Jorge and Lydia on taking so many great shots.