2019 Spring Garden Tour

Part 2: Cindy and Bruce's Gardens

The SFPS Spring Garden tour was awesome. It was a combined event with members of the Tropical Flowering Tree Society (TFTS) and the Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society (PBPCS).

For Part 1, the group toured Fairchild Botanic Tropical garden, first by tram, and then more exploring by foot. We were really fortune to have Drs. Chad Husby and Brett Jestrow of Fairchild leading the tour, the garden's resident experts of the unique collection. Part 1 included a picnic lunch at Matheson Hammock Park.

For Part 2, we were invited to visit the amazingly beautiful gardens of Cindy Goldberg and Bruce Brockhouse. A huge THANK YOU to Cindy and Bruce for allowing us to visit their beautiful gardens!

Putting together a garden tour would not have been possible without the help of all three societies and a special thanks goes to the behind the scenes efforts of Jessica Cabrera and Adam Pollack of TFTS, Ruth Lynch and Tracy Sutherland of PBPCS, and the board of the SFPS (and of course the volunteer table movers).  

Here are a few select photos from both gardens.



A Dioon cycad looks fabulous.

Good time for a swim!

Coco de Mer (Locoicea maldivica) was the star attraction for the palm folks.

Jorge and Livia pose under the Lodicea maldivica or Coco de Mer

Elvis Cruz explains his role in bringing six Coco de Mer seeds from the Seychelles to Miami and some of the knowledge gained from past mistakes in cultivating the palm.

Links: Youtube video Wikipedia link (with just the facts)

A rare shop of Ryan who is usually behind the camera. He regularly posts pictures on Palktalk.org.

A cluster of three Copernicia baileyanas.

Cindy was so kind to provide water and cookies (How could I have miss this!)


Bruce walked us around and showed off his yard of robust mature palms

Bruce guides us through the various gardens he has designed- each interesting in their own way, but with an abundance of palms.

Buccaneer palm (Pseudophoenix sargentii) with orchids.


SFPS Board Meeting - May 4, 2019

After enduring the long spring tour, our intrepid board members trudged over to the home of Stanley Kiem to conduct their regular board meeting. Two of the founding members of the palm society, Stanley Kiem and Leonard Goldstein, are shown above. Stanley Kiem, longtime superintendent at Fairchild Tropical Garden, was one of 10 individuals hand-picked by IPS creator Dent Smith to be founding members of the Society. He is the last living member of that distinguished group. Stanley was also on the first board of directors of the South Florida Palm Society and, with his late wife, Mary, provided valuable assistance in the early years of the palm project at Zoo Miami.

Stanley was honored at our 2016 Spring Garden tour with the planting of a Coccothrinax sp. 'azul' at the University of Miami palmetum. See link.