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This scrapbook contains pictures from a few selected events. The Fall 2017 outing was canceled due to Hurricane Irma.

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2019 Fall Garden Tour - Part 1

The SFPS outing began at the Patch of Heaven, in Homestead, FL. Roberto Del Cid, Director of Horticulture was our guide.

2019 Fall Garden Tour - Part 2

The outing continued with lunch followed by a tour of the historical Walton House in Homestead, FL.


2019 Spring Garden Tour - Part 1

It was a combined event with members of the Tropical Flowering Tree Society (TFTS) and the Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society (PBPCS) joining in with the SFPS gang.

Part 1 began at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden as including a tram tour and walking tour. The group including the young botanist in pink, also toured the conservatory, where at least 3 beautiful palms are in clear view. Can you name them? Click on Part 1 for their names.

Following the tour, we had a picnic lunch at Matheson Hammock park.

2019 Spring Garden Tour - Part 2

Bruce Brockhouse lead us on two tours, one was the garden of Cindy Goldberg, which he designed, and the second was his own garden. These gardens were a delight to the Flowering Tree members and both of the Palm Societies.

2018 Holiday Party

Over 70 palms were auctioned, many of them were hard to find ones.

2018 Fall Garden Tour

Held at Miami-Dade College - North Campus, which has recently developed an extensive palmetum.

2018 Morningside Palmetum Restoration

This is an ongoing project. SFPS helped label palms. No small undertaking, considering the number of palms in the garden. Others conducted tours for students

2017 Spring Tour

Group visited Dr. Page's home, then off to Coconut Grove to visit Manny Prieguez home in Coconut Grove, then Laz Priegues home in Coral Way/ Shanandoah.

2016 Spring Palm Show and Sale
2016 Spring Outing
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